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Ed and Hank - Interlude 3 - myeyesaintblue — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ed and Hank - Interlude 3 [Nov. 21st, 2006|09:24 am]
[music |I want to know... Rosanne Cash]

Ed and Hank, Interlude 3

Ed sees an entirely different kind of light...
(A flashback to a bright summer day.)

I apologize to those who ended up reading the unfinished 2nd part of this first.  I inadvertently posted it publicly in my lj for a while before it was finished and before the 1st part was posted.  Anyway, here's the first part, first.  As it should be.  With a link to the now-finished 2nd part available at the end of the first part.  (I think I'm feeling a little dizzy. Maybe I'd better have a lie down.)  Ed and Hank are talking about taking away my computer privileges again.  It's probably for the best...

Links to everything else are here:

Ed sees an entirely different kind of light...

A gentle breeze was blowing through the tent flaps. The inside of Hanks eyelids were glowing with the first rays of sunshine filtering through the canvas, but Hank was trying to keep his eyes closed.  And trying hard not to moan. The soft feel of a rough hand lightly sliding from Hank’s stomach up across his chest, along his neck then outlining his jaw was sending shivers coursing through his entire body. It had been a few weeks since their first night spent together in that tent. Maybe a little more. Maybe a little less. Ed was still a little skittish sometimes. Hank knew if he made a sound or opened his eyes Ed might stop. Well, not stop. Not altogether. Not Ed. But stop being so… so… well, there just weren’t any other words for it... so damn sweet and tender.

Hank was in love with that hand. And the man it belonged to. Ass over teakettle… heels over head…pawin’ the white out of the moon… in love. As Hank felt Ed’s touch slowly drift lower and lower he couldn’t keep from moaning any longer. Next thing he knew Ed’s soft lips closed roughly over his own. Ed’s body pressed hard down onto him. And then… well… then all thoughts of sweetness and tenderness were driven clear out of Hank’s mind. And so was Hank.

They ate breakfast together in silence. An amicable enough silence, even though Hank could tell Ed was feeling shy again after being so bold just a few minutes before. It was a gorgeous day. Too nice a day for two boys in love to spend with a bunch of sheep. Well, Hank didn’t know for sure if Ed was in love with him. But sometimes he suspected it. And he always hoped for it.

Hank got up and stretched, then swept his arms towards the mountain vista spread out before them, “C’mon Ed. Too fine a day to spend with the smell a them damn sheep stuck up yer nose. Let’s take a ride. See what’s ‘round these here parts.”

Ed was easier to convince than Hank expected, agreeing to ignore the sheep for the day as long as they stopped to check on them before heading into parts unknown. “Check on them?” Hank had snorted, “Jus’ what the hell d’ ya think they’ll be doin ‘xactly? They’re sheep.”

But Hank had agreed. They grabbed some food, then saddled up and went to check on the sheep. As Hank suspected they weren’t doing anything that needed checking on. Now, leaving those sheep behind and riding off together, Hank's horse trailing behind Ed's, Hank was as happy as he’d ever been. Or ever hoped to be.

Ed turned back to Hank, “Hey, Hank! Did you see tha’?”

“Wha’?” Hank hadn't really seen anything but Ed since he'd first laid eyes on him.

“Thought I saw somethin’. Maybe. Dunno. Let’s ride ta them cliffs over there.”

“Ya sure ya wanna go over there?”

“Yeah. ‘Less ya got anythin’ else in mind?”

“Nothin’ in particular.”

After a few minutes they made it to the base of the cliff and were riding alongside it, back in the direction they had come from.

“Don’ see nothin’”

“Wanna look a little longer. Know I saw somethin’. Think it was by tha’ one tree over there.”

They rode up to the tree and sure enough, mostly hidden behind the tree and the natural curve of the rock was the narrow entrance to a slot canyon.”

“C’mon, Hank. Let’s check this out.”

“Ain't gonna get no argument from me."

Ed and Hank got off their horses and tied them to the tree.
They peered into the small opening of that inviting slot.
The convoluted walls were polished soft and smooth to the touch,
glowing gently in the occassional shaft of light that managed to penetrate
the depths of that deep passage.


“This is real purty.”

“Sure is, Hank. Ain’t never seen nothin’ like it before.”

“Can’t resist this. Gonna take off ma boots.”

They both took off their boots. The ground was soft underfoot. 
The walls radiating heat.

“Think ya can fit through there, Hank? Yer awful big ‘n tha’ opening is awful small.
All of the sudden I ain’t quite sure ‘bout this.”

“I think if'n I‘m real careful I can push through.
‘Sides, it looks like it opens up a little just ahead.”

“Okay. Go ahead ‘n give it a try.”

Hank pushed through, slowly, carefully, entering that warm, tight passageway.
Hank stopped as it opened up just slightly.
He resisted the urge to forge ahead quickly, holding himself back,
waiting for Ed to reach the same point.

“Don’ know ‘bout this Hank. Think I’m gettin’ a little…
Wha’s tha’ word fer when ya don’ much like small spaces?”


“Yeah. Think I’m gettin’ a little a tha’. Feelin’ real nervous ‘bout this.”

“S’okay Ed. We’ll be real careful.
Go real slow.
But if'n ya wanna go back we can.
Jus’ say the word.
Wouldn’ never make ya do nothin’ ya don’ wanna do.”

“Think ‘m okay now. Wanna do it.”

Hank pushed deeper and deeper into that tunnel-like passage,
the walls exceedingly close on either side,
hugging Hank in a loving embrace.


“Ya okay, Ed?”

“Yeah, ‘m okay.”

Hank pushed on further. Suddenly sunlight lit up the walls.

“Hank… Damn… Ya see tha’….? Hank...? Hank…
Never been no wheres like this before.
It’s the most beautiful place I ever seen.”
Ed ran his hands across the contoured walls,
“Never felt nothin’ like this before. Hank…
Do ya feel tha’ too? Feels so amazin’.
Don’ never wanna leave.
Damn… Hank…”

“Never been no wheres like this neither, Ed…
Damn, Ed… Never felt nothin’ like this before… Don’ wanna never leave neither…”

"Faster, Hank.  Wanna see more.  Gotta see more."


Within the next few hurried steps,
Ed and Hank rounded a corner and found themselves looking at an amazing sight.
The canyon opened up suddenly.
Bright sunlight illuminated two strong streams gushing over the cliff far above.

Overcome by the intensity of the light, Ed and Hank lowered their eyes
and found themselves looking into a hidden garden.
A secret place, safe from the outside world.
Concealed deep within their mountain home. Lush and beautiful.
And those two strong streams, somehow,
pooled together high up above on the cliff wall,
then continued on their journey, spilling over the edge slowly
and sliding down that polished rock
as one ribbon of water.

Ed reached out, putting his hand on Hank’s shoulder.
Hank stood still for a moment, taking in the impossible beauty,
then turned towards Ed.

Hank tried to read Ed’s eyes, but couldn’t.
There was something there he hadn’t seen before.

Ed pushed Hank’s back up against the wall,
pressing his full length against Hank. His mouth finding Hank’s mouth.
His tongue parting Hank’s lips, exploring Hank’s mouth, deeply, completely.

When Ed broke that kiss, his eyes rested on Hank’s for a moment
before he slowly turned around in Hank’s arms, facing the opposite wall,
Hank behind him now.

Hank hesitated, surprised, then pressed up against Ed,
 shaking a little as he held him close,
whispering in Ed’s ear, “Ya sure, Ed? Are ya sure?”

“Yeah, Hank. ‘M sure.” Ed’s voice was barely a murmur,
“Wantcha ta feel what I feel.
Feels so good."

Hank whispered into Ed's ear, “Same here, Ed. Same here.”

"'N I want ta feel wha’ you feel." Ed smiled over his shoulder then,
"Wanna see fer ma self what all yer carryin' on is about.”

Hank smiled back at Ed, then whispered, "Do ma best fer ya, Ed," as he took Ed’s hand
and led him towards the soft bed of grass laid out before them
in that beautiful garden.



The end?

Not a chance.

It was just the beginning...


Wasn't sure if I was going to do this.
But since I inadvertently made it public for a while before it was finished,
I guess I might as well.
So... Now...
 If'n y'all want to destroy the illusion I so carefully and painstakingly,
but maybe not so believably, created
and find out where these places really are
Well... You just go right ahead
and click here for:

The making of "Ed sees an entirely different kind of light"

P.S.  Even if you saw it before,
some previously unreleased photos have been posted.



[User Picture]From: aliceathome
2006-11-21 09:12 pm (UTC)
Sweet, sweet, sweet. Thanks honey!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: wannabebrit
2006-11-22 12:09 am (UTC)
Ah, Loved this! I always get excited when there is a new Ed and Hank. :)

And I did read the making of, because I love DVD extras. :)

Oh, I made a tag on Brokeback Slash for ed/hank - so when you post stuff up, feel free to use it. :)

I'm working on retagging everything on the site, and thought ed/hank needed a tag of their own! :)

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 08:04 am (UTC)
Thanks for the tag! I will use it! I have never used tags before, in fact, it seems like I can barely manage to post anything without making some kind of mistake. :D I know it shouldn't be that difficult. I guess my old brain just hates to learn new tricks... Glad you liked this. I had fun doing it.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: victopet
2006-11-22 01:28 am (UTC)

Very nice!

I haven't always been able to keep up with this, but I took a peek today and I just wanted to commend you for doing such an excellent job at mixing graphics in with thestory. First, those postcards had me fascinated. Now these photos. Wow!

What a nice multimedia presentation!!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 08:19 am (UTC)

Re: Very nice!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I really enjoyed putting it all together. I know what you mean about not being able to keep up though. It's killing me not to be able to read anything lately, but between RL and my obsession with Ed and Hank it's downright impossible. My hope is to go on a mad reading spree at some point. Maybe early January...

Thanks again! Stop by and take a peek anytime... :)
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