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Note:  Read Interlude 3 before reading this... It's… - myeyesaintblue — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 20th, 2006|12:30 pm]

Note:  Read Interlude 3 before reading this...
It's here:

The making of
"Ed sees an entirely different kind of light..."

(Well it's probably more like the travelogue behind it.)


So you want the truth?

I guess I should start by finally
tellin' y'all where we live.

"They live about twenty-some miles north
of this exact spot right here."

That's actually a picture from the newspaper
of a guy pointing at a wildfire.

But we really do live about twenty-some miles
north of that exact spot right there.

And that exact spot right there just happens to be
in Utah.

Yes, Utah.

Definitely, inarguably, hands down and without a doubt
the craziest
of those states that are, supposedly, united.

A state where "family values" reign supreme.


Excuse me.
Some a them "Utah-style family values" kinda stick in my craw.

(It's durn pretty here, though)

Now, as to the story of Ed's first time bein' on the receivin' end a things.
The story is true.
At least that's what Hank told me.
The pictures are merely my interpretation of that momentous event.
I don't know where Ed and Hank's real canyon is.
Hank's not telling.
And Ed doesn't know about this photo montage yet,
but I doubt he'll tell either.
Even if he does ever speak to me again once he sees it.
So I conjured up what I thought it would look like from what Hank told me.

The story started with a mountain.
One that's not in Utah.
But there are some nice mountains here.
It's also not in Wyoming or Colorada or Montana or Idaho or Canada.
Though they have some mighty fine mountains too.
This particular mountain is in Washington,
in the Northern Cascades, somewhere along highway 20, to be exact.

But this is in Utah. In Zion National Park.

And there is a little canyon behind that tree.
Just not the one I made it out to be.

Here's another picture of Zion.
This is the east side of the park, near where that little canyon is.

This is looking towards the main canyon at Zion.
Well, one side of it anyway.

The next few pictures from the story
were all from Antelope Canyon,in Page, Arizona.
Yes, this is it.

You can easily step across it in spots
and you can see that
it doesn't look like much
from above.

But it is.
Here's a few other photos of Antelope Canyon. 
Seemed like we tooks hundreds. 
A few actually turned out.

If you go: Antelope Canyon (also called "Corkscrew Canyon, maybe?) is located on Navajo land just outside of Page. I don't think you have to take a tour to go, like some signs seem to imply. We just showed up and paid and we were left to wander through the short (1/4 mile) but incredibly beautiful little canyon on our own. Of course, it was February, and it wasn't a weekend... It's kind of confusing because there's more than one slot canyon in the area.  We haven't been to any others yet.  Don't like taking tours and I think with those you need to take a tour.  P.S.  A depressing aside:  Don't go into any narrow canyon if rain is even threatening anywhere in the vicinity.  11 people died here on August 12, 1997, in a flash flood caused by a storm that was 10 miles away.

This picture is from Wire Pass
in Utah, west of Page, near "The Wave".

Here's a couple of other pictures from Wire Pass
The picture on the right was taken inside those rocks on the left,
If you go: There may be few small drop-offs to deal with.
Conditions can change with every flash flood.

BTW, this is also the trailhead for Buckskin Gulch

Hank made me cut Ed out of these pictures.

These pictures are from "The Wave" in Coyote Buttes.
The hike to it starts in Utah, (also at the Wire Pass trailhead),
but most/some of the hike is actually in Arizona.

If you go: The Wave isn't far at all from the trailhead (no drop-offs), only about three kilometers (under two miles) out to it, but you could easily spend the entire day, or an entire lifetime, roaming around the area. (Although the wave itself is fairly small.) Unfortunately, you need to make reservations in advance through the BLM to get a permit to go (North Unit, Coyote Buttes) and the spots book up fast. Although they also have some first come, first serve permits available.  It's located between Page and Kanab*.  Please stay tuned for a public service announcement regarding Kanab immediately following this post. 

More info if your interested:

P.S. If anyone ever decides to go, let me know. The directions the BLM gives you aren't very good. Some people go looking for the wave and never find it. I can email you the directions I wrote down after the first time we went. Or, better yet, just reserve me a spot (I'll pay for it, of course) and I'll go with you and lead you right to it.  : D

This is The Wave

That small, unbelievably colorful passageway
and that psychedelic rock art next to it
(from the pictures above)
are just to the left of where that jagged, dark shadow is.
You need the right light for it to look like that,
but it looked that way two out of the three times we've been there.

This is some of the other stuff in the same general area

The ferns are from a little no-name (as far as I know) canyon on the east side of Zion.
Not the one with the tree in front of it.

The bigger of the two waterfalls was from
the Emerald Pools trail at Zion in early springtime.
 (We've never once seen those pools looking emerald.)
This little waterfall is from a small canyon near Glendale. 
Ultimately, not really worth the trip. (Sadly, there is lots of graffiti.)
(BTW, these are the only two pictures I cheated on, using photoshop.)

And now a public service announcement:

*Kanab... Boycott it!

Stay in Page, if possible. Eat in Page, if possible.
We drive through Kanab fairly often.
We used to stop and eat. Now we just stop to pee.
And to spit on the durn sidewalk,
Well, Ed and Hank won't.
They're too nice.
But I do.

Here's why:

The town of Kanab adopted a "natural family resolution" in January of 2006
Here's links to a few articles, etc... about the story:




Here is the fulltext of Kanab's "natural family resolution"
(It's pretty short, but downright disturbing.)

Now, a moment of silence please,
as I salute Kanab...
and their "Utah-style family values".

feel free to join me.

The End.

P.S. Locations of previous stuff:
The cattle drive was on I-84 near mile marker 108, north and east of Salt Lake City.
The sheep hunting mostly took place on the north end of the Cottonwood Canyon Rd.,
south of Cannonville, in the Grand Staircase-Escalante Natl Monument. 
(The south end of the road is prettier).
And the sheep festival took place in the town where we live.
(Well, at least it ain't Kanab...)

Thanks for reading y'all!



[User Picture]From: aliceathome
2006-11-21 09:24 pm (UTC)
"We envision young women growing into wives, homemakers, and mothers; and we see young men growing into husbands, home-builders, and fathers…. We look to a landscape of family homes, lawns, and gardens busy with useful tasks and ringing with the laughter of many children."

How scary is that? *looks behind sofa for quiver full of children - finds cat*

May I join you in your salute to Kanab?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 06:36 am (UTC)
*looks behind sofa for quiver full of children - finds cat*
LOL! I thought I'd better check behind my sofa too, just in case. No quiver full of kids, no cat (darn!), just some pretty scary looking dust bunnies...

Alas, we would both be "healthier, happier, more productive and more civically-engaged adults" had we done our quivers-full duty.

And yes, you certainly may join me in my (now our) salute to Kanab. We can stop by and deliver it in person right after we pick you up at the airport. You don't have to spit on the sidewalk if you don't want to though. :)

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: aliceathome
2006-11-22 09:57 am (UTC)
Oh, I think I could generate a little bit of saliva for the lovely folk of Kanab...
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 09:02 am (UTC)

BTW... From today's (yesterday's,now?) newspaper. Yep. Jus' yer typical day in sunny Utah:



(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: aliceathome
2006-11-22 09:57 am (UTC)
Believe it or not, this was also covered in my newspaper...

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 07:20 pm (UTC)
It's probably making big headlines because this guy is their leader. 'Cause this isn't even quite as bad as the typical story. Usually it's a 13 year old girl being married off to middle-aged man and/or being beaten to a pulp for trying to get away. Then there's the whole "lost boys" part of it. They kick a lot of boys out into a world they know nothing about. Simple supply and demand I guess. Just not enough girls to go around. Everytime I see them when we're out shopping I want to grab their kids and make off with them. And I don't much care for kids. Come to think of it, they usually don't have their kids with them when they're out shopping. S'pose they don't want them getting any ideas...
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nassima
2006-11-21 10:04 pm (UTC)
Utah might be lacking in the equal rights department, but it certainly has the most expressive rock formations ever! *joins your salute to Kanab*

I live in a similar place - breathtaking, everchanging landscapes, and one of the largest population of bigots and racists in France. Sill, there are also wonderful people everywhere, and ideas can change!

I'm very glad you made those two posts public! The first one was so wonderfully evocative, and also gorgeous! And the second one comforts me in the idea that if we ever go and visit the US, Utah and other desert and mountainous states will be the ones we explore! Minus Kanab...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 06:48 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked both posts. I looked up your town online. What a beautiful and charming place!

Thanks for joining the salute to Kanab too! It does sound like we live in somewhat comparable areas. Although the town that we live in is neither charming or beautiful. But I am glad you are an optimist -- "there are also wonderful people everywhere, and ideas can change!"

"if we ever go and visit the US, Utah and other desert and mountainous states will be the ones we explore!" And you must stop by and visit/stay when you do!

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: boonesfarmgirl
2006-11-21 10:19 pm (UTC)


Hey thanks for the pics. When you first showed the pics of the cattle drive I said to myself that's AZ. (I live in AZ.) But southern Utah/ Northern AZ same difference. I am amazed by your bravery going into Antelope Canyon as it would make me nervous because I too remember the flash flood and all those people. Thanks again, nice to know Hank, Ed, you and I share the same feelings for the beauty of the southwest.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 06:58 am (UTC)

Re: Thanks

Thanks! And your welcome too! We do love the southwest. I am such a chicken when it comes to slot canyons. I usually won't go near them in the summer monsoon season. When we went it was February so there wasn't much chance of rain. They now have some kind of ladder thing thing set up at Antelope Canyon so that if there's a flash flood rope(?)ladders are dropped into the canyon. But somehow I can't really see myself hauling my butt up a 75' rope ladder with a wall of water/debris bearing down on me...

P.S. I forgot to mention that the butterfly picture was actually taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix last spring. We loved that place!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trekfan
2006-11-21 11:18 pm (UTC)
This is absolutely beautiful. I've never been west before but these photos make me want to see it for myself. See what Ed and Hank saw :D

really beautiful!

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 07:11 am (UTC)
Thanks! I kind of cheated by using two of the most beautiful places we've ever been. But I thought Ed and Hank deserved it. :D (The one thing I didn't show/mention is that right across the street from Antelope Canyon is a big old power plant. Yuch. But the minute you get down into that canyon you forget the real world completely. If you ever want advice on where to go / more info on these places just ask... :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: joetheone
2006-11-22 03:07 am (UTC)
You know I cannot thank you enough for all of this information. I am really thinking of trying to book a pass for next summer. This part of the country I have not yet traveled and well the yearning has been hitting me over and over so thanks for all the links and information. As always you are amazingly wonderful,kind and special person who deserves the very best the world can give you. Please remember that what seems trivial to you really touches others hearts and souls. I have to say also that quilt picture I still look at it and think about the prison we all have to face and well I want to shred all that prison material and live life. Thank you! Joe
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2006-11-22 07:54 am (UTC)
Hi Joe! Glad you liked all the pictures. If you go in summer be prepared for it to be very, very HOT! We were in the southeast corner and central part of the state this past May and it was in the low 100's. (Unseasonable for May, but not really all that unusual) Let me know if/when you'd like me to email you the directions for the wave hike and any other information. I can go on and on forever about this stuff if no one stops me. I think that's what I was afraid of in posting this. Thanks again for your kind words. I'm afraid Ed and Hank have pretty much made off with my heart and soul. I'm not sure what I'm gong to do once their story has been told... And I just wanted to say that to me it sounds like you've done a great job of shredding that prison material and living your life. You've stood up for yourself all along, with the boy scouts and in so many other situations. P.S. And if your travels bring you near to us you must stop and visit/stay!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)