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Road Trippin' with Ed and Hank (11) Who'll stop the… - myeyesaintblue [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 23rd, 2007|08:20 am]
[Current Location |Land of the not quite so free as we used to be...]
[music |Is your money that good?Will it buy you forgiveness?Do you think that it could?]

Road Trippin' with Ed and Hank (11)

Who'll stop the rain...?

**IMPORTANT NOTE, Please read before clicking on link: This is not your usual Ed and Hank. Contains explicit political views and not much else. Hank had to write down this particular conversation and post it in order to be able to go on with the rest of their trip. He understands that some folks might want to skip this leg of the journey. (Or that it might even cause some to cut the trip short.)

Hank told their story to Annie Proulx. Jack and Ennis are all hers. Ed and Hank belong only to each other. $$: Speech is still free... well not really... but least-wise if'n they arrest ya for wearing a t-shirt they don' care for, they will eventually let ya out a jail... At least I think they will... Comments: Please feel free.

Everything else is here:

"And I wonder... Still I wonder...

"Who'll stop the rain...?"

"Long as I remember...
The rain been comin' down.
Clouds a myst'ry pourin' confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages,
tryin' ta find the sun.

And I wonder... Still I wonder...
Who'll stop the rain?"


(If you haven't read the note above,
please do before continuing.)

"Wha's tha' over there, Hank?"

"'S a replica a Stonehenge."

"Stonehenge, huh?"

'Course this is America...
So's ya can drive yer self righ' up ta it...
'n I bet there ain't near so many tourists 'round this one."


"It'd look a lot nicer withou' all tha' gravel."

"Ya think?"

"Who built it?"

"Guy who told me 'bout it
said some fella built it as an anti-war memorial.
Built it fer all the fellas from the area tha' died in WWI.
Same fella as built tha' museum
ya didn' wanna go to."

"So's why'd he pick Stonehenge?"

"He said back then folks thought it was a place fer human sacrifice.
Now they know it has ta do with the stars 'n stuff."
"Sure ya wanna stop, Hank?"

"Yeah. Think we should.
Don' know if'n I can write 'bout it though...
I try real hard ta keep tha' kinda stuff outta our story."
"Kinda like I try ta keep the world outta
our l'il low-rent Shangri-La?"
"Ya got me there.
Guess we cain't always escape the real world.
No matter how much we wanna.
No matter how hard we try."

"Tell ya one thing...
We sure were lucky we didn' end up in Vietnam."

"You can say tha' again.
Ya know... Bill's older brother, Pete... he were in Vietnam.
'N he's really been relivin' some shit lately
on account a Iraq 'n all..."
"Knew he were in Vietnam.
Didn' know tha' though."

"Yeah. Bill told me last spring.
He's havin' a real hard time watchin' wha's going on now.
'Specially when folks try 'n use it ta justify wha' they're doin' now.
He gets awful depressed 'bout the whole mess...
'n 'bout jus' how quick we seem ta
be able ta ferget..."

"'S understandable..."

"'N Pete weren't drafted...
He were one a them tha' joined up...
 All gung ho... Gonna go 'n save the world from communism.
Then he found out there weren't nothin' ta be gung ho over.
Weren't any kinda war tha' could be won...
Took him a awful long time ta put
his life back ta gether."

"Must be a lot harder ta face the truth
when you were a true believer ta begin with..."

Ya know tha' fella I were talkin' to a few nights ago...?
The night you turned in early...?"

"Cain't say as I can keep up with
 all yer gentlemen callers..."

"Thought I told ya 'bout him...?"

"Don' think so...
but I'll stop ya if'n I've heard it 'fore."

 Anyways... this fella...
he got sent back from Iraq a while ago
on accounta he were wounded by one a them IEDs...
Said he were lucky ta get hit in the shoulder...
lotta guys get hit in the neck
'n in the head."


'N he were in one a them vehicles
tha' only had wha' he called 'farmer armor'... Had ta armor it themselves...
with scrap metal 'n stuff they jus' scrounged... "


"Shit is righ'...
'N tha' hospital he got sent to...
Said it were as bad as we've heard. Worse maybe.
He said it's kinda a runnin' bad joke fer all them soldiers...
'Til they end up laid up in one a 'em a course...
He felt lucky ta get outta there alive."

"Treat them guys like dirt, don' they?"

"Yeah... they sure do.
'N he's had a real hard time a it.
He were one a them real gung-ho types too...
'N ya can tell tha' he still wants ta be...
He jus' don wanna believe it were
lies tha' started it all.

"Guess tha' would be a hard pill
ta swallow."

"Now he's out here campin'...
tryin' ta get 'way from his family fer a while.
Jus' tryin' ta sort everythin' out... make some sense a it.
One a his real close buddies were killed.
'N he's still purty torn up 'bout it..."

"Shit... Tha's rough..."

"Then his wife left him... 'n now he cain't find no job...
Think he's feelin' awful lost..."

"How the hell did you find all tha' out
over a couple a beers?"

"Guess he jus' needed someone ta talk to.
Someone who'd jus listen ta him
withou' 'xpectin him ta
play the hero."

"You...? listen...?"

"Hey... I can listen... sometimes.
'N sometimes I think it's easier ta talk ta someone...
easier ta open up ta someone 'n all...
if'n they're a stranger to ya."

"Guess yer righ' 'bout tha'."

"He said a lotta soldiers...
a lotta his friends... ain't doin' so good...
They're jus' plain wore out... beyond exhausted.
But worst a all... They mostly joined up believin' in somethin'...
'N he said some of 'em still do... but a lot of 'em he knows...
they ain't at all sure wha' they're doin' there anymore.
Ain't sure who they're s'posed ta be fightin'.
Ain't sure wha' it is they're s'posed
ta be dyin' fer."

"Same old story... Jus' diff'rent ones dyin'...
Kinda makes ya wonder how they can get anyone
 ta enlist anymore..."

"Think it's gettin' a lot harder fer 'em. But...
A lotta folks believe patriotism means supportin'
any war
we're fightin'... 'n whether it's right or wrong
don' matter none..."

"Ya really think them are
the ones enlistin'?"

"Maybe some...
'N a whole lotta young folks
still see it as a way outta where they are.
Them recruiters dangle big ol' enlistment bonuses in front a them
'n make 'em a whole lot promises they don' hafta keep.
End up thinkin' it's gonna be a real excitin' life.
Think they're gonna get ta travel
'n see the world."


'N they do a whole lotta recruitin' in
all them high schools too..."

"High Schools?"

"Yep... 'S one part a tha' 'No Child Left Behind' law...
If'n a school gets any money from the federal gover'ment
they gotta allow them military recruiters in
same as they would college 'n
career counselors."

"Yer kiddin'...?"

Tha' way they can
get their hands on 'em
righ' when they turn eighteen."

"Think them kids'd be better off if'n maybe
they did leave 'em behind."

"Ya think?
'N they jus' keep usin'
'n abusin' tha' there National Guard...
'n everybody else... Keep uppin' how long they gotta stay
by misusin' tha' 'stop loss' clause in their contracts...
Or they offer 'em re-enlistment bonuses while
oh-so-politely remindin' 'em tha' they
won' find
no jobs when they
back home."

"Yeah... They know damn well the key
ta keepin' a lotta folks uninterested in this here war
is by not startin' up no draft."

'N draft or no draft... I think...
if'n yer a politician 'n ya go startin' a war...
or f'n ya cast yer vote fer war... you should hafta send
a few a yer own family members overseas...
'N not ta none a them behind-a-desk
bullshit jobs neither."

"Be a real good way ta find out if'n
they're true believers

Bet them chickenhawks
wouldn' be so quick ta sacrifice
their own kinfolk."

"Not like it'd ever happen though..."

"Tell ya Ed...
Things have got me awful down too.
'N awful angry."

"I know, Hank. I live with ya... remember?
'N 'm real angry 'bout it all too."

"This country ain't never been perfect... Far from it...
But it sure as hell ain't s'posed ta be 'bout torture 'n secret prisons...
'n us havin' ta watch them bastards shred our Constitution...
Buncha fear-mongerin' sons a bitches."

"They know damn well tha' fear's a real good way
 ta get folks ta do wha' they wan' 'em ta do."

"Yeah. Fear-mongerin' 'n flag wavin'."

"'N don' ferget bald-faced lyin' 'n bumper stickerin'."

"Seems like all them things been workin' real good fer 'em so far...
so's I doubt they'll be givin' any of 'em up
anytime soon."

"Worry it migh' get a whole lot worse
'fore it gets any better."

"Me too, Ed...
Seems like a whole lotta folks
 jus' cain't see the fascism fer all the flags wavin'.
They go on 'n on 'bout how we're fightin' fer our freedom over there...
'n meanwhile they're flushin' it 'way over here... outta fear.
Don' make no kinda sense.
No part a it."

"Tell ya... I hate ta think wha' folks in this country'll do if...
make tha' when... we're attacked again.
'S bound ta happen someday..."

"Tha' scares me too. 'N I know...
We gotta do our best ta keep this country safe...
But if'n we keep givin' up our rights 'cause we think it'll make us safer
Don' tha' mean the terrorists managed ta do
wha' them folks say they wanna do...
Take 'way our freedom?"

"Think them politicians mean tha'
we're jus' s'posed ta give up our freedom temporary-like.
'n then the goverment's gonna give it back ta us...
all spit-shined up 'n good as new...
as soon as tha' there
war's over."

"So's we get all our freedom back...
ev'ry single bit a it... once we get outta Iraq...
tha's the deal, huh?"

"'S justa li'l more
complicated than tha'... Ya see...
technically... we ain't gonna be 100% safe
'til we're done fightin' tha' there 'War on Terror'...
'N we been so busy in Iraq 'n all tha'
we ain't even started fightin'
tha' war yet."

"'N 'bout how long do they figure it'll take
ta win tha' there 'War on Terror' 'n make us 100% safe?"

"Don' know fer sure...
But we shouldn' be talkin' 'bout
 no more 'n five or six..."

"Years...? Five or six years?
Tha' don' seem too bad."

"Maybe a l'il longer than tha'..."

"Five or six decades...
Tha' don' sound so good..."

"Maybe jus' slightly longer 'n tha'...
But them centuries fly by a lot quicker than ya migh' think.
'N once we get the whole world under control...
'N once we free all them other
un-free countries..."


"Then they promise ta give it back?
Ev'ry bit of our freedom tha' they done took away...?"

"Yep. Cross their hearts 'n hope ta die...
Well... not them specific'lly...
a course."

"Ya sure they got hearts?"

"Uh... I don' recall."

"'N by then we'll be 100% safe?

"Guaranteed. But not 'til then.
Up 'til then they cain't guarantee nothin'...
Ya gotta read the fine print."

"But... ya sure we're gonna win 'n all?"

"'Course we are.
We got God on our side."

"Thought they had God on their side?"

"'S an entirely diff'rent God.
But our God is much better than their God."

"Then maybe we should jus' let them Gods duke it out.
They can let us know who won
'n that'll be tha'... "

"Don' work tha' way."

"Why not?"

"I dunno... Them Gods work in mysterious ways."

"They do, huh?"

"Yep. Gen'rally involves a lotta pain 'n sufferin' 'n folks dyin'
'n nobody really knows why."

"Sounds like them Gods take after
 our gover'ment."


"Know yer tryin' ta kid me outta this mood 'n all, Ed...
But I jus' cain' help thinkin' 'bout Iraq 'n all them folks bein' wounded 'n killed...
More civilians than we'll ever know... 'N all them soldiers...
So many folks still sufferin' 'n dyin'...
Fer what?"


...Know damn well it didn' have nothin' ta do with 9-11 or WMDs.
'N it's real hard ta believe they give a crap 'bout buildin' a democracy
over there when they're workin' so hard on tearin' it down here.
'Sides... It ain't 'our place ta go 'round invadin'
 other countries 'n startin' other folks'
revolutions withou' 'em."

"Think tha' 'spreadin' democracy bullshit
was jus' their last ditch effort ta try 'n justify tha' there war
when all their other 'xcuses were
shot down as lies."

"Yep. Purty smart of 'em though...
Tha' way if'n yer 'gainst this war yer 'gainst democracy
'n all fer supportin' a evil dictator 'n terrorists."

"'Course... ya gotta admit...
 we did liberate the hell outta them Iraqis...
Brought 'em a whole heap a death 'n destruction 'n despair...
but we sure as hell got rid a Saddam fer 'em alrigh'...
then we put out the welcome mat fer al Qaeda...
'n kicked off a big ol' civil war..."

"Yep. Now they're liberatin' the hell outta each other.
'N our soldiers too whenever they
get the chance."

"But... maybe things'll get better, Hank...
Lotta folks are sayin' tha' there
troop surge is workin'..."

"Yeah... Sure...
Who wouldn' wanna believe tha'?
Tha' we could win and Iraq could live happily ever after.
Tha' we could really put an end ta this awful thing we started.
But wha' the hell happens when we stop surgin'?
How the hell do you win an occupation?
How the hell do you win sombody
else's religious civil war?"

"Damned if I know..."

"Damned if I know either... But...
Wha' the hell was it all fer... ?  Fer oil...? Fer Halliburton...?
Or jus' 'cause they could... Play at war so's they'd feel like big men?
Or so's a insecure son could try 'n show up his daddy?
Or maybe they're religious nuts 'n they wanted
ta start a holy war 'n bring 'bout 
the second comin'
a Jesus?"

"Think if'n Jesus is smart he'll go ta some other planet.
Reappear ta more deservin' folks."

"Cain't decide which a them reasons
would be the most horrifyin'..."

"'S horrifyin' all righ... But...
'm 'fraid it were mostly 'bout oil and Halliburton.
After tha' Gulf War some a them jus' been waitin' ta go back.
Guess they musta thought Iraq would be real easy-like ta invade...
'N after 9-11 they got their big chance... tailor-made fer 'em as a matter a fact.
Knew damn well it didn' really matter ta folks if'n Iraq had nothin' ta do with 9-11...
seein' as how folks 'cross this country were cravin' any kinda revenge.
'N then they'd all get ta plunder 'n rebuild tha' country...
'n make their friends a whole
heap a money."

"Usually 's jus' me rantin' 'n ravin' 'n carryin' on...
You been thinkin' on this some, Ed?"

"Yeah.. Guess I have...
It bothers me... bothers me a whole lot...
how easy it were fer them politicians ta get 'way with all this...
'S like all's they gotta do is say 'boo' 'n lotta folks
jus' roll over 'n show 'em
 their bellies."

"But... wouldn' ya think...
anyone with half a brain woulda seen this comin'?
After all, tha's the whole reason Bush' daddy gave fer pullin'
them troops outta Iraq withou' headin' inta
Baghdad ta liberate them Iraqis
 durin' tha' Gulf War."

"Hell... I dunno, Hank...
Maybe they were actually dumb 'nough
ta believe this time folks'd jus' throw down their weapons 'n cheer...
'n then declare Bush King of the World or somethin' like tha'
'fore they kissed his feet 'n handed over all tha' oil.
They sure as hell didn' seem ta have
no plan beyond tha'."

"Still... wha' with everythin' else
they've done... 'n gotten 'way with... 's hard ta believe
they coulda really been tha' dumb
 'bout this..."

Maybe they weren't...
Maybe they really jus' didn' give a shit.
If'n ya think 'bout it... no matter how it woulda played out...
whole lotta folks still stood ta make
truckloads a money."

"Sometimes I wonder...
them folks tha' still support this gover'ment...
xactly wha' would it take fer them
ta stop believin' their lies?"

"Wouldn' hold yer breath, Hank.
Think most of 'em believe in them politicians
same way they believe in their religions... 'S all 'bout faith...
'N when it's all 'bout faith you can make up yer own truth
'n yer own righ' 'n wrong as ya go along.
'S powerful stuff."

"Guess yer righ...
If'n ya got faith ya don' really
gotta worry 'bout no potentially disturbin' facts.
'N you can believe it absolves ya a any responsibility fer wha's goin' on.
Kinda like tha' Mormon motto or whatever they wanna call it,
'When our leaders speak, the thinkin' has been done.'
Bet life's a heckuva lot easier when folks
don't go 'round thinkin' 'bout stuff...
'Specially fer them

"Tell ya one thing, Hank...
life would sure be a heckuva lot easier
if'n you never thought 'bout stuff."

"Ya think?"

"Yep. Sure do... But... Least-wise...
the majority a folks seem ta be fin'lly wakin' up here
'n tha's a real good thing."

"Yeah... l'il late...
'N it ain't done no good so's far...
After this country fin'lly starts ta grow a pair
'n votes them Republicans outta power in Congress...
'xpectin' them Democrats ta start rightin' some a them wrongs...
Start holdin' Bush 'n Cheney accountable fer everythin'...
start restorin' our rights... 'n findin' some way
ta bring all them troops home...
Wha' happens..?"


"Worse than nothin'.
Not only do they not do wha' they should be doin'...
Fourteen of 'em cave in 'n give this gover'ment even more spyin' power
based on more lies they've been told."

Tha' were a real low point...
'Specially after them sayin' they weren't gonna impeach
them bastards 'cause it wouldn' help the
country heal or some kinda
crap like tha."

"Tell ya... the only way
this country's ever gonna start ta heal
is ta see them sons a bitches tried 'n convicted
'n locked 'way fer a good long time."

"Wouldn' hold yer breath
on tha' neither."

"Yeah. Think yer righ'...
Ain't heard a peep 'bout no blowjobs...
'N tha' seems ta be the only impeachable offense
in this here country these days."

"Know there's
a whole lotta folks out there
 'tha' would do prit near anythin' ta impeach 'em...
But... I cain't really sees anyone
 bein' patriotic 'nough
ta try tha'."

"Doin' it again... ain't ya?
Tryin' ta make me laugh...?"

"Yep. Workin' yet?
Coulda sworn I saw the ghost
of a grin there..."

"Nope. 'N now...
Now we gotta watch them damn Democrats...
twiddlin' their dumbass thumbs fer more 'n a year yet...
Makin' 'xcuses 'bout why they ain't doin' wha' they should be doin'.
Jus'waitin' it out 'til the next election..."

"Makes ya think...
Tha' they jus' migh' wanna taste a some
a tha' there power fer themselves.
Maybe spy on a few folks
a their choosin'."

"Yeah...  'N they seem ta be 'xpectin'
them Republicans ta roll over real easy-like
'n jus' hand 'em the keys
ta the castle."

"Like tha's gonna happen'."

"'Bout all this country's
got left now is the illusion a democracy.
Beginin' ta think we should put it outta it's misery...
We could put it in a coffin, drape a big ol' flag 'cross it 'n bury it.
Maybe folks a lot wiser 'n us can dig it up again someday...
dust it off 'n start all over again."

"C'mon, Hank...
Gotta least-wise give it ta the next 'lection...
'n some beyond tha' even...
fore ya give up."

"I know...
'N 'm really tryin'. It's jus' so frustratin'...
 I been writin' 'n phonin' 'n sendin' money ta them groups fightin' all this...
'N votin' a course. But our votes don' never count...
 'cause a the damn state we live in.
'M real sick 'n tired a it"

"Some a it must make a diff'rence, Hank..."

"Jus' gets ta a fella after a while...
Most folks in this country don' want wha's happenin'...
but it jus' don' seem ta matter none."

"Hey... maybe you should run fer president, Hank?
Migh' take yer mind offa things."

"Ya know damn well
hardly no one in this here country would vote
fer a gay president. 'N anyways... the last thing on this earth
I'd wanna hafta do is ta start tryin' ta sort out the mess these folks
have made a everythin'. 'Sides... ya also know damn well
tha' ya gotta be a bazillionaire ta run
fer president."

"Well... 'm real disappointed...
I were really lookin' forward ta bein' yer first lady."

"Yeah? Well I think ya woulda made
a damn fine first lady."

"Bet yer ass, I woulda.
I coulda got me one a them gowns...
maybe borrowed tha' one from tha' Jake fella... ya know...
the one he wore on tha' 'Saturday Night Live' show...
'N I coulda worn it ta tha' 'naugural ball...
Wouldna wanted ta wear no
wig though."

"I dunno 'bout tha'...
Think the wig were kinda essential
ta the whole outfit."

"Hey... almos' made  ya laugh...
Sure as hell made ya grin anyways. Ya wan' me ta keep goin'...?
Maybe work on gettin' a full-fledged
laugh outta ya?"

"Maybe later."

"Okay. Maybe later it is then."

"Thanks, Ed.
'N I do think ya woulda looked real nice
in tha' there dress."

"Damn right I woulda."

"Mighta preferred ya in somethin'
 tha' showed a l'il leg though. Ya got real nice legs."

"Damn right I do."



"What're ya doin', Ed?"

"Jus' tryin' ta add a more upbeat endin'
ta wha' ya wrote."

"I jus' leave fer a minute ta take a piss 'n the next thing ya know
 'm bein' censored. Yer as bad as
the damn gover'ment."

"Yeah... but when I screw ya,
least-wise ya enjoy it."

"True 'nough."

"Jus' thought maybe ya should use this picture at the end
the one tha' seems a l'il more...
hopeful... I guess."

"So's ya think I should have some faith, huh?"

"Not faith... hope.
Don' gotta believe in none a them Gods
ta have some kinda hope tha' folks'll still be able ta
change the world fer the better. In fact... prob'bly be a whole
lot better if'n the world could keep them Gods
outta things fer a while."

"Don' got much hope neither, Ed."

"Maybe justa l'il?"

"Okay... maybe justa l'il.
Only on accounta you wan' me to though...
Still wish we could go ta tha' big ol' protest 'n Washington, D.C.
on the 15th a next month... Migh' help some bein' 'round
a lotta other folks tha' feel the same way."

"Ya know we cain't, Hank... We already talked 'bout it...
Wha' with Bill's nephews goin' back ta school...
Ain't no way we can be travelin' then."

"I know,  I know..."

"Hey... How do I move this here picture?"

"Ya click on it like this 'n then ya hold down the control key 'n hit 'X'.
Then ya click where ya wan' it ta be...
'n ya hold down the control key again 'n hit 'V'.

"Tha' seems kinda stupid... Now how do I make a word...
don' know the word fer it...

"Which word ya wan' slanted-like?"

"This one... 'we'."

"Ya highlight it like this...
'n then ya click on this I up here."

"Thanks. Now...
should I add them dots ya always add...
so's it'll look like you wrote it...?"

"Go right ahead..."

"Why d'ya use them dots so much anyways?
'S kinda annoyin'..."

"I dunno...
Jus' how we seem ta talk...
Lotta times it jus' don' look righ' ta me with a period at the end.
Use 'em instead a commas a lot too.
Never liked commas."

"Wha'd a comma ever do ta you?"

"'S a long story."

"Ya know...
you can change tha' back... what I did...
if'n ya wanna, Hank..."

"Nah... I'll jus' move the picture I were gonna use ta the top.
'N I'll leave the one you like at the end there...
The one with some a tha' there hope."

"Think there is, Hank."

"Sure hope so, Ed..."


And I wonder... Still I wonder...

If maybe we can stop the rain...


"ButI wouldn' go makin' any
serious bets on it."

"Cut it out, Hank."

"'N who's this 'we' yer referrin' to...?"

"I dunno... I guess...
you 'n me 'n everybody else who wants
ta put a stop ta all this."

"Don' recall you writin' no letters
or makin' no phone calls."

"Maybe not...
but I were with ya in spirit.
'N I voted."

"'S gonna take more 'n tha'."

"Guess yer righ'.
Okay... Where do I sign up?"

"Righ' here, dumbass..."

"Okay... 'fore I do though...
I jus' got a few more questions..."


"Ain't ya gonna offer me
one a them there enlistment bonuses?
Sure would like ta have tha' big ol' bonus a yers
dangled in front of me."


"Ya need a napkin, Hank...?

"...Yeah... Shit..."

"Sounds like a real good incentive fer joinin' up 'n all...
'Course only want wha' 'm entitled to."

"Think yer entitled ta ev'rythin' I got."

"Do you think I should take tha' bonus all at once...
or in smaller increments?"

"Both ways have their benefits.
Be happy ta give it to ya whichever way ya prefer.
'S really up ta you."

"'N ya promise me... after I join up with ya 'n all...
it's gonna be real excitin'...?"

"Yep. Guarantee it."


"Yep. Maybe more..."

"So's... how 'bout we ferget 'bout savin' the country...
jus' fer a l'il while anyways... 'n head back ta the tent 'n see 'bout
comin' up with some real creative ways
ta use tha' big ol' bonus."

"Now tha'
sounds like a plan."


and the next day...

"Whaddya think, Ed...?
Think I should provide rebuttal time fer
them war-mongerin', fear-mongerin', flag-wavin',
bald-faced lyin', bumper-stickerin'
sons a bitches?"

"Up ta you, Hank."

"Guess I'd better... 'S only fair...
'N ya know they're all 'bout fairness..."

"'N don' ferget compassion..."

"'N freedom."

"Beginnin' ta think maybe there migh' be somethin' serious-like
wrong with them Republican-issue

"Me too, Ed."


The rebuttal is here,
provided by our current first lady:


 (Give it a minute 'til the
song starts.)


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Hank swears he does not know what that 'Tracked for free' thing is.
Hank swears he does not recall how it got there.
And Hank swears he will not to do it again.
(Unless the safety of this nation
 hangs in the balance.)



From: cwby30
2007-08-23 05:04 pm (UTC)

Ed & Hank 11


Well, no sense in cutting a trip short over this. Have kept it with the others; the family album often has pictures you'd rather not see, would rather tear up and throw away, but they complete the family story and need to be there to tell the full story to the next generation.

Vietnam = Domino Theory of Communism = Democrats with Republican approval = public split = used for political gain = spitting on GIs when they came home = outcome known.

Iraq = Domino Theory of Democracy = Republicans with Democrat approval = public split = used for political gain = compassion for GIs when they come home = outcome still unknown.

Both = GIs dead = long term issues for survivors.

Think the full quote is: "My country, may she never be wrong, but still my country, right or wrong."

Go figure.

Thanks again.
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 03:39 am (UTC)

Re: Ed & Hank 11

Hey there,

Thanks, I appreciate it. Hank kept trying to go on with the trip, skipping the anti-war memorial but he finally realized he just couldn't leave it out.

Let's hope there's some hope for that 'unkown outcome'...

Thanks for the quote too.
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[User Picture]From: jennydcf
2007-08-23 07:09 pm (UTC)

Sometimes a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do

It is an advantage to all narrow wisdom and narrow morals that their maxims have a plausible air; and, on a cursory view, appear equal to first principles. They are light and portable. They are as current as copper coin; and about as valuable. They serve equally the first capacities and the lowest; and they are, at least, as useful to the worst men as to the best. Of this stamp is the cant of not man, but measures; a sort of charm by which many people get loose from every honourable engagement.

Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the cause of the present discontents, 1770. In The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, edited by Henry Froude, Oxford University Press, 1909, Volume 2, page 83, lines 7 to 16.

And this, perhaps more familiar, though not as familiar as it should be:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The Bill of Rights
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 04:25 am (UTC)

Re: Sometimes a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do

Thanks for the quote. You must have a great deal of book learnin'. Ed and Hank not so much, but I think they figured it out purty well... with the help of the internet. :)

Read a little on Edmund Burke... A very complex and fascinating man. Interesting that he was educated in a Quaker boarding school... Sam Hill, the man who built the Stonehenge anti-war monument was a Quaker.

And that first amendment is sure self-explanatory...

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[User Picture]From: trekfan
2007-08-23 08:55 pm (UTC)
Where is that war memorial that looks like Stonehenge. I have never seen it.

I wish we would get out of Iraq. I feel for our soldiers over there.

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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 04:37 am (UTC)
Yeah... I wish we would get out of Iraq too... (And actually, most of the Iraqis wish we would get out of Iraq. It's gonna be one hell of a nightmare, but the Iraqis themselves are the only ones who can figure out how to live with each other now.)

That Stonehenge memorial is on the Washington-side of the Columbia River on Highway 14.

Directions from I-84: Exit 104, cross the Columbia River on the US 97 Sam Hill Memorial Bridge, then up the hill. Right on Hwy 14, then right on Stonehenge Drive.

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[User Picture]From: trekfan
2007-08-25 05:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks I'll have to remember it
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[User Picture]From: lalaynia
2007-08-23 11:06 pm (UTC)
::stands to applaud wildly:
(More soon, 'Blue)
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 04:42 am (UTC)
Thanks Laly...

::hugs to you and yours::
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From: forevermare
2007-08-24 01:20 am (UTC)
"Sometimes I wonder...them folks tha' still support this gover'ment...xactly wha' would it take fer them
ta stop believin' their lies."(Bill's) havin' a real hard time watchin' wha's going on now.'Specially when folks try 'n use it ta justify wha' they're doin' now. He gets awful depressed 'bout the whole mess...'n 'bout jus' how quick we seem ta be able ta ferget..."

I have asked myself this question almost every day of the last 6 years. How people my age, who lived through the disaster that was the Vietnam War, could support the Iraq War (Operation Iraqi Freedom -- what a joke!) especially after all the lies and deceptions. I am so disappointed in my generation for dropping the torch and becoming the problem instead of the solution.

"Wouldn' hold yer breath, Hank. Think most of 'em believe in them politicians same way they believe in their religions... 'S all 'bout faith...'N when it's all 'bout faith you can make up yer own truth 'n yer own righ' 'n wrong as ya go along.'S powerful stuff."

This administration has curried favor with the Christian right from Day 1, portraying its members as God-fearing Christians doing what is right and just, which is why so many seemingly rational people still support this travesty. The whole thing reminds me very much of Manifest Destiny:

"Manifest Destiny was always a general notion rather than a specific policy. The term combined a belief in expansionism with other popular ideas of the era, including American exceptionalism, Romantic nationalism, and a belief in the natural superiority of what was then called the "Anglo-Saxon race," i.e., whites of English heritage. ...The concept of Manifest Destiny has acquired a variety of meanings over the years, and its inherent ambiguity has been part of its power. Because it can mean almost whatever someone wants it to mean, it is readily used by anyone." (taken from Wikipedia)

"...war-mongerin', fear-mongerin', flag-wavin',
freedom-stealin', bald-faced lyin', bumper-stickerin'
sons a bitches...." That about sums it up. Woo hee Hank, you rock!
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 05:05 am (UTC)
Yeah... Ed and Hank and I have been asking ourselves that question for the last six years too -- Just what would it take for people to stop supporting this government?

Every time something new and horrifying would come to light we'd think, "THIS is it, people will finally get outraged and wake up over THIS." After going through that about 1,000 times, we just don't know what it will take...

Yeah... I can't even think about the Christian Right without my head exploding. How on earth do you praise Jesus with one breath and justify torture with the next? 'Course they did all love that Mel Gibson snuff film...

Speaking of Manifest Destiny... have you seen this video of General Wesley Clark? It's short, just a little over two minutes long. (I don't get the laughter though, it makes my stomach turn...)


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[User Picture]From: samtyr
2007-08-24 02:25 am (UTC)

Sharing A Link

I can't link directly to the song but...


Click on "George W. Told The Nation" and also the lyric link as well.

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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 04:06 pm (UTC)

Re: Sharing A Link

Thanks! He's definitely one of the great folk singers. Hadn't heard that yet. Someone also put it on youtube with pictures.


Loved 'Pluto' (Ed and Hank are still pissed about that) 'Tinky-Winky' and 'John Ashcroft and the Spirit of Justice'too... Too funny.

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[User Picture]From: joetheone
2007-08-24 04:03 am (UTC)


Yes, I agree with everything you say and well yes it is hard to keep up the faith and hope needed to think that we can make a difference in the world but it all starts with baby steps I alwasy think. Everytime I get the chance in teh supermarket, at work, in line at any store or at my favorite starbucks if we can make one person think a little bit about things in a bigger picture maybe, just maybe in the future things will change this goes for the war or the republicans or the democrats or any group who is oppressing others beliefs. It all takes time for acceptance and that is one thing that being a gay man of 42 years old has taught me it is not going out and yelling and making a scene it is making people understand I'm a human being with something to offer the world and I respect your differences so please respect and learn from mine as well. Ok maybe, I'm not making sense of the situation but I take it upon myself on a daily basis to try and be optomistic and positive in my approach to things. I like to listen to others viewpoints and then try and understand them sometimes I take parts of what they feel and understand and accept it sometimes I throw it in the trash but I also try my best to let them see my point of view in some way or another. Like Hank I love talking to strangers and it seems I open myself up all the time to talking and listening to others all the time in unusual places. We all have something to give it is just hard to find sometimes buried under years of neglect or disuse. Ok I'm starting to preach but please be positive because what each of us does in a day does make a difference I do truly believe that. Joe
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 04:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Amen

Hey Joe,
Will gladly listen to you 'preach' any day. We really do admire how optimistic and positive you are, I guess it's pretty obvious that Hank and I find that very difficult to sustain at times. (Duh...) Ed's better at it. (Although not when it comes to certain things.) Will re-read your last sentence on a daily basis.

P.S. Although I must admit that I do feel like at times going out and yelling and making a scene is necessary too.
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From: mazaher
2007-08-24 02:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this update. Thanks also to all who commented until now. I am angry too for the same reasons. Things are much the same here I'm afraid.
When I'm so angry I get breathless and I'm quite breathless now.
What about us all who agree about these matters getting T-shirts, wearing them in public and explaining to people who ask what they mean *exactly*? What would you write on them? (unless you were the one arrested, in which case we can just copy your own T-shirt...)
BTW, what I do to try and breathe again is thinking real big, like, they're going to die too, like everybody else, or, The planet is going to make it somehow, after all it went through in the last few billions years. Not that it always works however.
When I saw on TV the tanks rolling into Baghdad, many soldiers were standing on them or into the turrets, taking pictures like they were on a holiday abroad. Quite a few people watched at the side of the roads. A boy tentatively walked forward with something in his hands. A tanker, only a few years older than he was, noticed him when he lowered his camera after taking a (slanted) picture of a nondescript building, and suddenly he was off tourist mode and into fighting mode: he grabbed his gun and pointed it at the kid, who was only offering some flowers and by sheer luck was fast enough dropping them and raising his hands over his head before quickly retreating. Just a little thing, but unrehearsed, and it showed exactly the level of ethical and political awareness, to say nothing of the level of professionalism, with which the US forces began Iraq occupation.
Five hundred years from Grotius' proposals for civilizing internal and international relationships, and back we are at square one =(
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-25 06:01 pm (UTC)
Yeah... I know the breathless feeling. Feels like I haven't been able to catch my breath for many years now. Wish I could be more positive like Joe. Like your idea of trying to keep the big picture in mind. And Joe's of "what each of us does in a day does make a difference."

Neither Ed or Hank or I were arrested for wearing a t-shirt, I'm just kind of amazed at how many times it's happened over the past few years. And I just read about a couple winning an $80,000 judgement against the Bush Administration for having been arrested.:


I sure wish I could think of something to put on a t-shirt that could change even one person's mind.

And I think the Iraqis that did welcome our troops are feeling a helluva lot more betrayed than we are. From our goverment allowing 380+ tons of explosives to be stolen (previously guarded by the U.N. before the invasion) to them now arming insurgents if they agree NOT to attack U.S. troops. (And everything in between...)

And I don't know if, no matter how wrong our reasons for going to war, if there would have been a brief moment in time, when our troops first got to Baghdad, when things could have been different, if they had just done this or done that or not done something else. Many seem to think so. But really, what hope could there be when our president didn't even understand shortly before invading the country that there were Sunni and Shiite Muslims and what their differences were...

"Peter Galbraith - former U.S. diplomat: January 2003 the President invited three members of the Iraqi opposition to join him to watch the Super Bowl. In the course of the conversation the Iraqis realized that the President was not aware that there was a difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. He looked at them and said, "You mean...they're not, you know, there, there's this difference. What is it about?"

Do you laugh? Do you cry? If you start crying, would you ever be able to stop?

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From: mazaher
2007-08-26 04:53 pm (UTC)
"With the emergence of a heavily redacted “Presidential Advance Manual” it became clear that the government had a policy of excluding dissenters from public presidential appearances".
Ah, internal-use manuals... what a long tradition behind them, since the late Roman empire, down to the istructions for medieval and modern-age confessors, to memos for political hounds anywhere, and finally to this.
Manuals allow you to not think, as long as you trust all the right thinking has been made already. One reason freedom (beginning with freedom of thought and expression) is not more widely endorsed, may be that it does not lead to peace of mind.
As Joe said, let's keep doing some good work in everyday life, trying hard not to panic. And let's keep breathing.
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-08-29 01:31 am (UTC)
"One reason freedom (beginning with freedom of thought and expression) is not more widely endorsed, may be that it does not lead to peace of mind."

Yeah... freedom of expression and thought can be really messy, quite uncomfortable and downright offensive. Not exactly 'peace of mind' inducing. When a lot of folks say 'freedom' what they really mean is the 'freedom' to think and act just like they do.

P.S. Meant to tell you... I loved that beautiful picture of the hat and fruit you posted a while back. I was going to leave a comment and then got interrupted and forgot to go back to it.
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From: mazaher
2007-08-29 05:56 pm (UTC)
Reckon we get peace of mind when we're dead ;-)
I'm happy you liked the picture. The azarole berries got made into jam after a long afternoon of hard work (they're all seeds...) but the result was worth the effort.
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