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Gr ee ti n ' s o f t he Se as on ! ( NC-I… - myeyesaintblue — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 22nd, 2007|08:15 am]

Greetin's of the Season!

(NC-I version)

Longest Night
of the Year!

Or... Happy Longest Day of the Year
if you happen to live in the Southern Hemisphere


Ed 'n Hank


Thanks fer readin' y'all!


The G-rated version is here:


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From: mazaher
2007-12-22 08:31 pm (UTC)


Great Byrne video!
The days are going to get longer very soon ("by Xmas, a cock's step longer" they say here, pun intended). Midday is born at midnight and full summer is born right now in the darkest of winter, like the white dot in the middle of the black half of Yin-Yang, so...
All the bunch here (2 humans + 2 horses + 4 cats) wishes you, and Ed&Hank, and EdTheDog&HankTheDog, and Bill&Betty, and Iris&TheLoverToBeMetLater, a happy Winter, with or without religious/ceremonial/traditional/... overtones according to personal preference.
If we get lucky, we'll all be reading a lot more of Hank's stuff during the new year =)
BTW, the G-rated version is lovely too!
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-12-24 12:05 am (UTC)

Re: Wishes

LOL! Happy winter to you 2 humans and 2 horses and 4 cats, with or without religious / ceremonial / traditional overtones according to your personal preference too!

Glad you liked the video too.

And as long as Ed keeps doing stuff Hank will probably keep writing about it. :D

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[User Picture]From: boo_boo_cat
2007-12-23 12:30 am (UTC)
Love the David Byrne video!

Happy holidays to you and to Ed & Hank!
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2007-12-24 12:07 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed the video. Happy holidays to you too!
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