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Ed and Hank Last Thursday... Disclaimer: Hank told their… - myeyesaintblue [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 27th, 2009|08:43 am]

Ed and Hank

Last Thursday...

Disclaimer: Hank told their story to Annie Proulx. Jack and Ennis are all hers. Ed and Hank belong only to each other. Rating: G $$: Nope.

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Last Thursday...

"Do I smell food cookin'...? I'm starvin'..."

"Yep. I thought I'd duck in early 'n get cleaned up 'n get some dinner goin'..."

"Helpin' out and cookin' dinner... Jeez, Hank..."

"I know, I know... Ya must be dreamin'... 'N I'd be more than happy ta pinch tha' fine ass a yers if'n ya wanna make sure ya ain't... 'Course if'n ya are then why would ya wanna wake up anyways...?"

"No reason I can think of... Hey... Did you notice anythin' peculiar about Bill...? His hat didn't seem ta be fittin' right when he left..."

"Tha's prob'bly 'cause I talked his ear off today... Don't worry... I'll talk the other one off tomorrow so's his hat'll sit level again..."

"I guess I need me some new material..."


"Or maybe a new pardner... tha' way it'd all be new ta him... 'Course he'd hafta be the lazy, talkative type too or my old material jus' wouldn' work..."

"How 'bout I jus' pretend next time that I ain't ever heard it all before...?"

"Tha' works fer me."

"So's, Ed... how 'bout you go get cleaned up 'n then we can eat 'n then maybe settle in fer the night 'n watch a movie...?"

"Sounds good ta me..."


"So's... Wha' movie d'ya got in mind, Hank...? I wouldn't mind watchin' a Western..."

"There's a real surprise..."

"Somethin' with Clint Eastwood is always good..."

"Well... the one I got in mind is kinda a Western... but it don't got Clint Eastwood in it..."

"No way, Hank..."

"C'mon, Ed... I watched it once... more than three years ago now... alone in tha' movie theatre... 'n you watched it once on yer own... last year around this time... but we ain't ever watched it together... Dontcha think it's about time we did...?"

"It's just so damn sad, Hank..."

"I know it is... 'N I don't know if I'm ready ta watch it again neither... But... it's been a whole year since Heath Ledger died... 'n I feel like we should do somethin'... Somethin' tha' says we remember him... 'n this is the best thing I can think of... us watchin' this here movie... together..."

"I jus' don't think I can again... not yet anyways... Watchin' it really shook me up... More than I let on at the time... How easy things coulda turned out diff'rent fer us... 'N how maybe tha's how it did turn out fer some other fellas... 'N Ennis... endin' up all alone like tha'... I know how easy tha' coulda been me..."

"I know, Ed... Ya've said all tha' before... But that didn't happen ta us..."

"But... I still coulda ended up all alone like tha'... You woulda reached the end a yer rope sooner or later too... like Jack was reachin' his... before what happened... happened..."

"But that didn't happen either, Ed..."

"I know it didn't happen... But... Hell... with Heath Ledger dyin' 'n all... 'n then watchin' tha' movie fer the first time... it... Jeez... I don't even wanna say it out loud..."

"Well I ain't gonna know unless ya tell me..."

"It... it made me think about one of us havin' ta lose the other someday... fer real... 'N I jus' don't wanna think about tha'... much less talk about it..."

"Well I sure as hell don't wanna think or talk about tha' neither..."

"But... watchin' tha' movie will make me think about it..."

"'S alrigh', Ed... We don't gotta watch it..."

"Ya know, Hank... Heath Ledger... He won't ever be forgotten... Not by us... 'n not by a whole lotta other folks... whether we watch tha' movie again or not..."

"Yeah. I know... Damn... I cain't hardly believe it's been a whole year..."

"'N I think maybe the best way ta remember someone like him... someone who really lived his life full-out... is ta really live yer life... however ya wanna be livin' it... 'N I made the mistake of not doin' tha' fer a whole lotta years... 'N I cain't say it ain't still hard fer me sometimes... But least-wise I came ta my senses before it was too late..."

"I jus' woulda had ta knock some sense inta ya if'n ya hadn't..."

"You think ya coulda, huh...?"

"I woulda given it my best shot anyways... 'Course it prob'bly woulda been more like an ultimatum... somethin' along the lines of 'you either move yer ass here or ya might as well stop showin' up on my doorstep 'cause I ain't gonna be livin' in the house tha's attached ta it no more'..."

"Sounds like maybe you had that ultimatum purty well-rehearsed..."

"I mighta practiced a few diff'rent versions of it way back when... But I'm sure glad I never had ta put any of 'em inta play."

"Yeah. Me too..."

"So's... Since ya don't wanna watch tha' movie whaddya wanna do, Ed...?"

"I dunno... D'ya wanna watch a diff'rent movie...?"


"Or we could play some checkers maybe...?"




"Or we could watch some TV..."

"Well... we may be livin' our life how we wanna alrigh'... But it sure is dull as can be sometimes..."

"Speak fer yerself, dumbass... I like our life just fine exactly the way it is... dull or not..."

"C'mon, Ed... get yer jacket..."

"Wha'...? Why...?"

"Jus' get yer jacket... We're goin' out... 'N I don't want no argument from you about it."

"I don't wanna go out."

"Yeah ya do. C'mon..."

"But it's a work night..."

"Ya do realize tha' with you ev'ry night is a work night, dontcha...?"

"But... Where the hell are we goin'...?"

"You'll see soon enough."

"Wait a minute... the rules clearly state that I get ta know where we're goin' before we get there..."

"Wha' rules...? There ain't no rules, dumbass..."

"Well there oughta be."

About thirty minutes later...

"Bowlin'...? Dammit, Hank... I don't wanna go bowlin'..."

"Yeah ya do."

"No. I don't. I ain't been bowlin' since Iris was a l'il girl..."

"'N I ain't been since I was a kid... Jimmy Anderson's 15th birthday party ta be exact... So's it's about time we both went again..."

"But... bowlin'...? Why bowlin'...?"

"Why not bowlin'...? Besides... There ain't exactly a whole lotta other things ta do around this here town... Although I think maybe they light up tha' skateboard park at night... Wouldya rather try skateboardin'...? I'm willin' if'n you are...?"

"Thanks but no thanks."

"Bowlin' it is then..."

"Great... I'm in fer a night a 'blue ball' jokes...
ain't I...?"

"Prob'bly... Ya know my mind's always in the gutter..."

"Groan... Great... This is gonna be just great..."

"It sure is."

the ride home...

"You stink on ice, Ed...
I bet Iris musta beat ya hands down when she was a kid..."

"She did... But least-wise back then folks just thought I was lettin' her win..."

"Ya do realize ya get points fer knockin' them pins over... not fer leavin' 'em standin', dontcha...?"

"Yeah... Iris explained tha' ta me real thorough-like when she was six or seven years old..."

"I gotta admit... Ya do got good form though... Real good... I bet I woulda got a higher score if'n I'd a quit concentratin' so's hard on yer form..."

"'N didya concentrate on Jimmy Anderson's form when ya were bowlin' with him...?"

"Yep... I sure did... Too bad fer me it was one a them unrequited lusts..."

"You ain't ever mentioned him before... Does he still live around these parts...? D'ya ever see him around town...?"

"So's now yer jealous of a fifteen year old boy I knew fifty years ago...?"


"You are such a dumbass sometimes."


"Watch out fer tha' big ol' buck in the road, Ed..."

"I see him alrigh'..."

"'N there's more deer off ta both sides..."

"I see 'em... I see 'em..."

"So's... how 'bout next time we ask Bill 'n Betty ta go with us...?"

"You can go ahead 'n ask 'em ta go with you... but tonight was more than enough bowlin' ta last me another thirty or forty years..."

"Ya know I read a while back where Heath Ledger used ta go 'n play chess in a park in New York with folks he didn't know... even though he weren't a good chess player at all... But he didn't care what anyone thought... He jus' did it because he enjoyed doin' it..."

"Nice try, Hank... But I still ain't goin' bowlin' again..."

"Well I guess I can understand why ya wouldn' wanna go again... Yer prob'bly a whole lot worse at bowlin' than Heath Ledger ever was at playin' chess... Hell... I stank up the place purty good m'self... but I still think I coulda beat ya with one hand tied behind my back..."

"'S bowlin' dumbass... ya only need one hand... 'N I betcha I could beat yer ass ev'ry time with justa l'il more practice..."

"Yer on."

"Dammit, Hank... I weren't makin' a real bet..."

"Ya clearly said 'I betcha'... 'N ya know damn well there ain't no goin' back on bets..."

"Well it don't count 'cause you set me up fer it..."

"Since when does tha' matter...? Ya know damn well tha's half the fun of it..."

"Fun fer who...?"

"How 'bout this... We keep bowlin' 'til ya beat me three times in a row... then we can stop..."

"Three times...? No way... Once... Jus' 'til I beat ya once..."

"No way... Once could be a fluke... It's gotta be at least twice."

"Fine. Twice it is. But it don't gotta be in a row..."

"Fair 'nough. Not in a row... but ya cain't lose more than two games between yer wins or it don't count..."

"Maybe we should get Betty's lawyer ta draw up a contract fer us..."

"Tha' migh' not be a bad idea... In case ya try ta wriggle outta it I got some legal grounds ta stand on..."

"I ain't ever wriggled outta any bet in my life."

"'N ya know... if'n ya end up likin' it after doin' it a few more times we don't gotta stop..."

"Don't worry, I won't end up likin' it..."

"Ya wanna bet...?"

"No. I don't wanna bet, dumbass..."

"Ya know ya've ended up likin' some other stuff I never thought ya would... Like when I..."

"Yeah... Yeah... I know damn well wha' yer gonna say..."

"So's you let me know if'n ya change yer mind..."

"You'll be the first ta know... Besides... it's too damn expensive... Three bucks a game...? A piece...? Shit... Plus shoe rental... 'n snacks... 'cause of course you had ta have somethin' ta eat..."

"Like you didn't eat anythin'...?"

"Well we spent way too much... Two games 'n shoes 'n food... All that added up ta prit near twenty dollars... Maybe a l'il more even..."

"Well... Mr. Benny... I guess that is kinda pricey when ya compare it ta wha' we usually spend on goin' out... which is nothin' 'cause we never go out..."

"'N them shoes... Damn... I sure ain't lookin' forward ta puttin' on them stinky ol' shoes again..."

"Ya muck around in I-don't-wanna-know-what all day 'n ya don't wanna put on a pair a bowlin' shoes...?"

"I don't muck around in boots a million other folks have worn..."

"Lessee... If'n ya take the population of this entire county... 'n eliminate ev'ryone who don't got the same big ol' shoe size you do... 'n then if'n ya cut out them tha' do but don't bowl... Hell... yer prob'bly sharin' them shoes with only a couple a other fellas... at the most... 'n Myrna maybe..."


"Didn't ya ever look at tha' woman's feet...?"

"Why the hell would I look at Myrna's feet...?"

"'S just kinda hard ta miss 'em is all..."



"Now next time we go 'n get pancakes I'm gonna be starin' at Myrna's feet... 'cause ya know the harder ya try not ta look at somethin' the more ya cain't help starin' at it..."

"Tha's how I knew I mighta stood a chance with ya tha' summer... I caught ya starin' at me a few times... with the same look ya get now when yer lookin' at pancakes... or pie..."

"Maybe I was jus' thinkin' about pancakes... or pie... when you happened ta wander acrost my field a vision..."

"Tha' was prob'bly it."

"So's... Them stinky ol' bowlin' shoes really don't bother you none, Hank...?"

"Nope... Hell... I wish I had a whole truckload of 'em...
I'd drive ta Dubya's new house in Texas 'n pitch ev'ry single one of 'em at him..."

"'N I'll come 'n rescue you
from tha' secret prison he'll build just fer you
in his back yard..."

"I just hope he's the one who's gonna end up in prison..."

"Don't hold yer breath, Hank..."

"I ain't... But I think it's gonna be a gargantuan mistake if'n they don't even try ta put tha' bastard away... 'n Cheney 'n ev'ryone else responsible too... 'Cause if'n we don't hold these folks accountable fer all the despicable things they done there ain't gonna be no real movin' forward fer this country... 'N it'll mean tha' those in power are always gonna be above the law 'cause there clearly ain't no consequences fer breakin' it..."

"Ya know... alls I did was mention stinky bowlin' shoes..."

"Sorry, Ed... 'N don't get me wrong... Watchin' that inauguration was really somethin'... 'N as somber as Obama's speech was 'cause of the huge mess this country is in... it was still real movin' 'n inspirin'... 'Course I thought I was gonna have a big ol' stroke when he thanked Bush fer 'his service ta this nation'... Service'...? Give me a fuckin' break..."

"I do gotta admit... tha' shade a purple yer face turned when he said tha' was like nothin' I'd ever seen... 'N before tha'... when Rick Warren came on... it turned a real stunnin' shade a red... I'd say more of a beet red than a fire engine red..."

"Don't even get me started about Rick Warren... Hell... there was way too much god-talk all around fer my taste... But... it was still an amazin' day... 'n I still got high hopes fer Obama doin' the right things 'n gettin' this country on the right track..."

"Yeah. I do too, Hank... 'N him right away orderin' them prosecutors ta ask ta freeze them trials at Guantanamo 'n talkin' about closin' it as soon as he can 'n sayin' no more torturin' folks.. them sure as hell are some big ol' steps in the righ' direction..."

"They sure are... 'n tha's like... Hell... after all these years of rantin' 'n ravin' 'n writin' letters... I don't even got the words ta say what it feels like ta read them headlines... But..."

"There's always a 'but' with you, ain't there..."

"Yep. 'N the 'but' is in some a the fine print... 'n waitin' ta see how they're gonna work it all out... But... it still is real encouragin'... 'n like one helluva breath a fresh air..."

"Yeah... It sure is..."

"'N I'm tryin' ta have some faith that he'll get around ta doin' right by us gay folks too... I read that Obama used ta be fer full marriage rights fer gay folks back in 1996... So's maybe given a chance... 'n maybe a push from enough of us gay folks 'n all them folks tha' support us... he'll manage ta find his way back to it..."

"Ya know... even if'n he does... 'n there ain't no sayin' he will... he cain't single-handedly change that..."

"I know... But... hopefully he'll be able ta change the make-up of tha' Supreme Court some day... 'n change it enough that it'll make a diff'rence... 'cause tha's where the real change has gotta come from... least-wise fer all of us livin' in the red states anyways..."

"Well... don't go pickin' out yer trousseau just yet..."

"I won't, dumbass... But... Damn..."

"Another 'but'...?"

"Not really... It's just that I still cain't hardly believe Dubya 'n Cheney are really gone..."

"Ya want me ta pinch tha' fine ass a yers so's you can make sure yer not dreamin'...?"

"I'd appreciate that just as soon as you can reach it proper-like..."

"No problem."

"Ya know, Ed... we could jus' buy some bowlin' shoes... Tha' way ya don't gotta worry about sharin' 'em with other folks at all... I'll check out how much they cost 'n figure out how many times we'd hafta go bowlin' ta make it up..."

"Don't go gettin' ahead a yerself, dumbass... I migh' just beat ya two games in a row next time 'n then I don't ever gotta go bowlin' again..."

"Unless ya change yer mind..."

"Like I said before... ten or twelve times already... you'll be the first ta know... But if I were you I wouldn' go holdin' yer breath about tha' neither... Damn... this winter's been real rough on the driveway... I gotta get ta fixin' it..."

"Hey, Ed... how 'bout ya park the truck right up by the house instead a in the shed fer once..."

"Ferget it... Yer just lazy... 'N the truck belongs in the shed..."

"C'mon, Ed... It ain't s'posed ta snow... so's why the hell not...?"

"'Cause it belongs in the shed. 'N somethin' could happen to it if'n we left it outside..."

"Yeah... Maybe a meteor could fall ta earth 'n crush it... or a rabid raccoon could find them keys under the visor 'n make off with it... So's yeah... I can see how it'd be a lot safer in the shed... Of course... a big ol' meteor could hit tha' shed just as easy-like... 'n then we'd lose the shed and the truck at the same time... 'N ya know... I ain't too clear on what's holdin' that shed up as it is... so's even withou' no meteor plummetin' ta earth it could jus' decide ta fall down on tha' truck tonight of its own accord... 'N as to tha' rabid raccoon... well..."

"Fine... In the interest of gettin' you ta shut the hell up I'll park the damn truck next ta the damn house... 'N yeah... I get it... I'm real predictable... 'n I'm dull 'n borin too... 'n..."

"'N cheap. Don't ferget cheap."

"'N cheap... 'N I don't like doin' new stuff... 'n..."

"Wouldya mind holdin' the rest a tha' thought 'til we get inside...?"

"Great... I guess I'm even dull 'n borin' when I'm talkin' about how dull 'n borin' I am..."

"Well them dogs sure don't think yer dull 'n borin'... Lookit 'em... They act like their lord 'n savior has come again ev'ry time ya walk through tha' door..."

"They greet you just as enthusiastic-like..."

"Not quite... 'S more like I'm just one a them apostles taggin' along... C'mon, Ed... Last one up the stairs has gotta bowl with one a them blue balls next time..."

"Maybe I'll just stay down here with the dogs... 'N Iristhecat... They all appreciate me... even if'n I am dull 'n borin' 'n predictable..."

"'N cheap... Don't ferget cheap."

"'N cheap."

"Ya know I'm just gonna go ahead 'n start withou' ya up here..."

"Ya prob'bly won't hardly miss me anyways..."

"Just get yer ass up here, Ed... It's way past yer bedtime..."

"Shit... How late is it...? Ya know I gotta get up early tomorrow..."

"Ya don't gotta get up early... Ya wanna get up early... "

"Fine. I wanna get up early. 'Cause tha's wha' dull 'n borin' 'n predictable folks wanna do... 'n go ta bed early... they wanna go ta bed early too... 'n they wanna park the damn truck in the damn shed... fer no other reason than tha's where the damn truck belongs... 'n they don't wanna hafta go bowlin' if'n they don't wanna... which they don't 'cause they're dull 'n borin' 'n predictable..."

"'N cheap. You keep fergettin' cheap."

"'N cheap."

"Ya want some music on, dumbass...?"

"Nope. Dull 'n borin' 'n predictable 'n cheap folks don't like music."

"Too bad."


"Ya think tha's real funny don'tcha...?"

"Ya don't get it, Ed..."

"I get it alrigh'..."

"No ya don't... Yer a wild thing 'n ya don't even know it... 'N I don't mean just between the sheets... 'N yeah... you migh' be real predictable about all the run-a-the-mill day-ta-day stuff around here... 'n I'll be the first ta admit that I thoroughly enjoy kiddin' ya about it..."

"Yeah... yer real predictable tha' way..."

"...'n sometimes maybe I go a l'il too far 'n hurt yer feelin's 'n I'm sorry about tha'... But... 'n this is a real big 'but'... in a whole lotta other situations... like when ya said ya wanted ta put tha' ring on yer finger... 'n standin' next ta me at tha' gay pride rally... 'n when ya put yer hand on my arm in the park... 'n when our bible-thumpin' neighbor Bob came ta the door... 'n in tha' bar at Mt. Hood... you sure as hell ain't predictable at all..."

"That ain't exactly a real long list..."

"Yeah it is... 'n it ain't nearly ev'rythin'... Or even the big stuff... Hell... Ya went against yer folks' crazy god 'n ev'rythin' you believed in ta love me... 'N then ya left a life ya knew was safe 'n secure in order ta be with me... 'N then on top of all tha'... fer years ya worked at a job ya hated in order ta stay with me..."

"Don't go gettin' too big a head... tha' last one was ta finish up payin' child support fer Iris... 'n then after tha' ta put her through college..."

"Yeah... But... if'n ya hadn't a moved here ya coulda done it workin' at a job ya liked least-wise..."

"Well I didn't exactly know wha' tha' job was gonnna be like when I took it..."

"Yeah... But... when ya couldn't find nothin' else ya still stuck with it... as long as ya had ta... 'N ya know damn well if'n you had moved back ta where ya came from yer old boss woulda givin' you yer job back... in a heartbeat..."

"Ya really think he woulda...? Damn... Tha' never even occurred ta me..."

"Yeah it did, dumbass... But... ya stayed here with me... 'N I know I've told ya this before 'n I guess I'm just gonna hafta keep tellin' it to ya 'til ya believe it... Ya don't bore me. Ya never did bore me. Ya never will bore me. 'N just 'cause I get a l'il bored with livin' here sometimes... 'n just because I don't exactly mind the thought of gettin' away from it ev'ry now 'n again... tha' don't mean that I don't love this place... 'n ev'ry single minute of our dull 'n borin' 'n predictable life here together... just as much as you do..."

"'N cheap... Ya forgot ta say how ya don't mind me bein' cheap..."

"I didn't ferget... You bein' cheap irritates the hell outta me."

"It does, huh...?"

"Ya know damn well it does... But... even though I sure don't wanna encourage ya... I guess I do gotta admit tha' you never wantin' ta spend one cent more than ya absolutely, positively hafta... 'n always managin' ta squirrel somethin' away... has helped us through some real tough times... But... 'n this is a big ol 'but' too... sometimes ya get way too carried away with it..."

"Yeah... I know I do... 'n maybe I should try ta rein it in some..."

"Well I never woulda predicted ya'd say tha'..."

"Maybe not... But... I'd betcha anythin' ya know exactly what I'm gonna do now..."

"I sure as hell do..."

"Wait a minute, Hank... What about this... when we... you know... Is tha'...? Does tha' get... uh... predictable fer ya... sometimes...?"

"Hell yeah... After all these years together it ain't like either one of us could do much ta the other tha'd be a full-out unexpected surprise... But... I'll tell ya what it don't get... it don't hardly ever get dull or borin'... 'cause I never know exactly which Ed I'm gonna find in tha' there bed... or wherever we happen ta be when the urge hits... Lessee... there's Just-hang-on-'cause-it's-gonna-be-one-helluva-ride Ed... 'n So-slow-he-drives-me-clear-outta-my-head Ed... n I-can't-believe-Ed-just-did-that-in-the-shed Ed 'n..."

"Wait a minute... hardly ever...?"

"Well... I do got a passin' acquaintance with Let's-just-get-this-over-with-already-'n- go-ta-bed Ed... 'n his mornin' version... Ya-know-I'd-really-rather-be-eatin-some- pancakes-instead Ed..."

"Well... you ain't always at yer most enthusiastic neither..."

"I know I ain't... 'N it can't be a circus act ev'ry time... But... 'n this is the biggest but of all... no matter which Ed shows up... yer still my wild thing 'n ya still make my heart sing... 'N I can only hope you feel half the same way about me..."

"Ya know damn well I feel all the same way..."

"Yeah. I know."

"So's... are you about done with all the 'buts' fer the night...?"

"I think so... All but yers anyways... 'N thanks fer settin' that one up fer me by the way..."

"Yer welcome... So's... which Ed wouldya like tonight...?"

"It don't matter ta me... 'cause I love each 'n ev'ry one of 'em... But... lookit tha'... I guess I did have another 'but' in me... but ya know... Tha' 'Major Dick Head' Ed hasn't paid me a visit in a while..."

"I think it was 'Commander Dick Head', butt-head..."

"You sure...?"

"Yep. 'N it's Rear Admiral Dick Head now."

"It is, huh...? Well tha' was a well-deserved promotion... 'N I'd sure appreciate the opportunity ta congratulate him in person if'n I could..."

"I'll see if'n I can find him... He migh' be off on a mission ta... Mars... or somewheres..."

"C'mon, Ed... Go ahead 'n say it..."

"Fine... He's on a mission ta Uranus..."

"Well tha's the kinda mission tha's right up my alley..."

"I knew you were gonna say tha'..."

"There's a surprise."

"You were waitin' all nigh' ta work it inta the conversation..."

"Yer damn right I was."

"C'mere, dumbass..."

"Is that an order, Rear Admiral...?"

"Yer damn right it is."


Wild thing.

You make my heart sing.

You make everythiiing grooovy.

Wild thing.

C'mon, c'mon wild thing...



[User Picture]From: elena_62
2009-01-27 11:17 pm (UTC)
Hi, 'Blue!

No, I haven't read this chapter yet! And not even the last few ones. I'm dramatically behind.

But since a while I wanted to say that I stopped reading only because of lack of time. I liked and like a lot your fic. The idea is absolutely original and you really are good with words. I remember how I was feeling funny in my tummy when Ed and Hank were remembering some bad moments of the past: with your words you manage to create empathy. And the visual bits are also great.

In fact I had the problem of staying behind also with another fic I like a lot (The Crookedest Street by Jimmy/gnashsang) and I solved it taking the word file with me during Christmas Holydays.

I suppose it is a bit cheeky, but... you wouldn't have the Word-file, would you? Or anyone out there?

Anyway thank you very much for writing!


Antonella *batting eyelashes, but doubting that it will work ;-)*
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-01-29 06:53 pm (UTC)
That is all so nice of you to say. And I'm glad you asked for the files. I only have the earliest posts in Word, but this should make me get going and get the rest downloaded or copied into it. (I should have been just doing it as I went along, but because of all the pictures Hank takes, and how old the computer is, the hard drive is prit' near full and I have to do a bunch of deleting of stuff first to make room.)

I'm a bit under the weather with a bad cold at the moment, but I'll try to get to it as soon as I can. My email address is myeyesaintblue@yahoo.com if you want to let me know about far back you need.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jennydcf
2009-01-28 02:13 am (UTC)

I can hardly breathe for laughing

I was a little sad at the beginning, but after the bowling started it just kept getting funnier. Well, Dubya and Cheney aren't funny, but I did like the fact that after making the "salute" to Bush, Obama proceeded to ream him out (politely but pretty thoroughly.)

I love "Ya-know-I'd-really-rather-be eating-some-pancakes-instead Ed." And I love the Ed that looked at Hank as though he were pancakes, or pie. But most of all, I love this one:

But... 'n this is a real big 'but'... in a whole lotta other situations... like when ya said ya wanted ta put tha' ring on yer finger... 'n standin' next ta me at tha' gay pride rally... 'n when ya put yer hand on my arm in the park... 'n when our bible-thumpin' neighbor Bob came ta the door... 'n in tha' bar at Mt. Hood... you sure as hell ain't predictable at all..."
..."Hell... Ya went against yer folks' crazy god 'n ev'rythin' you believed in ta love me... 'N then ya left a life ya knew was safe 'n secure in order ta be with me... 'N then on top of all tha'... fer years ya worked at a job ya hated in order ta stay with me..."

And you know, the Hank that sees that, and tells Ed, and thanks God every day for what he has, is the Hank I love most of all. Funny coincidence, hunh?

Doesn't keep me from laughing at his dumbass jokes, and from Ed's comments. Nah, they've never bored me, and I doubt they ever will.:-)
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[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-01-29 07:18 pm (UTC)

Re: I can hardly breathe for laughing

Yeah, Hank was sad at the beginning too, but going bowling with Ed sure helped. And the rest it too, of course.

And Hank did admire how Obama managed to politely ream out Bush during his inauguration speech as well. Hank knows he could never manage the polite part. And we all particularly liked the line about 'rejecting as false the choice between safety and our ideals'. (Hank's still having Ed pinch his ass every day to make sure he's not dreaming.)

And yeah, Hank knows he's very, very, lucky, and even though he may make a lot of dumbass jokes, underneath it all he is very thankful (and maybe sometimes still a little amazed) to have Ed with him.

Glad they still made you laugh and haven't bored you (yet anyways)! :-)
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From: animas1
2009-01-28 02:32 am (UTC)

Doesn't get any better than this...

I don't which is more hilarious: " shed, truck, meteor" or "dumb, borin' predictable and cheap". I just love how Hank can handle Ed so easy and natural-like which is certainly one of the things Ed loves about him. Difficult people know they are difficult to handle and really appreciate people who don't even notice... like Hank.

And then there's always the acknowledgment of the depth of their love and appreciation for each other:
"tha' don't mean that I don't love this place... 'n ev'ry single minute of our dull 'n borin' 'n predictable life here together..."

And the absolute best:
"...no matter which Ed shows up... yer still my wild thing 'n ya still make my heart sing... 'N I can only hope you feel half the same way about me..."

I'll tell you, it doesn't get any better than the way you got them here in this story. Thank you


(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-01-29 07:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Doesn't get any better than this...

So glad they made you laugh! And that is all so nice of you to say.

Hank does gotta admit that he knows he can be difficult too in his very own unique and annoyin' ways, and yeah, he does appreciate Ed taking it all in stride and knowing how to handle him as well. (Both figur'tively and lit'rally. :-))

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: joetheone
2009-01-28 04:30 am (UTC)

Always good to hear from you

Thank you for the update, always good to hear from you guys. You know I love bowling and Pat does not but he loves the WII but I'm not sure Ed would like to spring for that game, but I can tell you it sure is a lot of fun. I cannot get Pat to spring for it as well since, he is sort of cheap and we go to our friends to play. They have been in Hawaii for 3 weeks so we have been going over and watching their house and playing WII maybe for my birthday but our 1985 TV may not be as much fun as their 42" LCD TV. LOL oh well, we are happy as well. Antiques are the one area he will spend money on.

Yeah the inaguration was good thing to watch and yes we sit with bated breath hoping things will get better. Good thing that you put away for those bad times since, right now with all of our investments going down the tubes and my tenants not able to pay rents I sure hope something turns around in this new phase of politics. I had this idea the other day instead of giving all of that bail out money to banks and auto makers and whatever else. Why not just give every tax payer 50 thousand dollars? Heck I think their our only about 100 million tax payers so that would be a heck of a lot less money then the 825 billion dollars. I just think the people would buy things pay their bills and maybe that would be reverse economics you know trickle up instead of down. It seems everyone puts the money at the top and hopes it helps the bottom so why not try giving the money to the bottom and seeing what happens. Heck from the way I see it if people paid off their credit cards, mortgages, car payments and maybe spent some of this money on something fun that should help things out a bit all the way up the food chain. But, what do I know.

Well, I hope Ed finds uranus and has a good time exploring and finding new adventures in deep space.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-01-29 09:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Always good to hear from you

Yeah, Ed would most definitely NOT want to spend money on WII. And Hank would LOVE a nice, big tv but Ed wants to wait 'til their 19" set stops working. Hank may take a sledge hammer to it real soon. That should get it to stop working alright. About all Ed will splurge on is good beer since they started buying it a while back. Your friends' trip to Hawaii sounds great. Next time you should invite yourselves along. We'll be happy to house-sit the WII and the giant tv.

And yeah, it has helped out here with Ed being so cheap. We're worried 'cause "Iris" is worried about losing her job, but so far she's been okay. (**fingers crossed**) Unfortunately, a couple of her friends are on the verge of losing their house in Chicago. The one had a real good job when they bought it, but now she can't get enough work to keep up with the mortgage and her partner doesn't make enough to make up the difference. I read that Utah hasn't been hit as hard by the whole real estate/mortgage mess, but that must be up in Salt Lake City, because a whole lot of folks seem pretty hard hit down in this part of the state. I wholeheartedly agree with your idea that since "trickle down" has never worked it's about time they give some trickling up a try. Especially considering what some of those companies turn around and spend OUR money on once they get it.

LOL! And, yes, Ed and Hank both had a very good time on their space explorations.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: joetheone
2009-01-29 11:26 pm (UTC)

Re: Always good to hear from you

I had to tell you what my mother did when I was living at home. We had an electric stove and she wanted a new one real bad. So one day I noticed a piece of tape over the one knob and my dad asked her what was up she said that burner was not working right. About a month later another piece of tape then a few months later another piece of tape until we were down to one burner. Then one night she had pizza ordered which my dad did not want and he said why not. She said all the burners did not work. My dad was a bit gullable and usually a Mr. Fix it but that night they went to Sears and my Mom had a new stove in two days. When the delivery men said they wanted to take it away for junk she said OH NO put it in the basement I can use it for canning. My father said but all the burners don't work. She smiled and said well they do if you take the tape off the knobs. So my Mom won that battle she got a new stove and put the old one in the basement for canning. I always laugh when I think of that.

Yeah our 1985 TV is ok but I want the big old flat panel as well.

Yes Erie PA was listed as the number one spot to not have the problem with the mortgage issues. I myself have had some difficulty though I own a bunch of apartment buildings and in 26 years I have had great luck with renters and well, some of my old long term renters have not been able to make their rents. So I'm affected that way. I'm willing to work with them on payments but that does not seem to be working. Not sure yet what to do with this situation it is hard for everyone. I will survive, I'm used to eating beans. LOL not that bad but hopeing this weekend I get all of my rents so I can pay my own bills.

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-02-02 06:43 pm (UTC)

Re: Always good to hear from you

LOL! Thanks! I love the story of your mother and the stove. Maybe Hank should try something more subtle like that with the TV... Nah... he'd rather just take a sledge hammer to it.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to have long-time renters who have fallen on hard times and can't pay, 'cause like you said, you rely on that money to pay your own bills. So... I sure hope you got all of your rents this past weekend.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: graciesdaddy
2009-01-28 12:45 pm (UTC)

These two...

...are STILL phenomenal after 2 years! You take GOOD care of Our Boys!

Since Heath died, I can't watch BBM, either. :(
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-01-29 09:36 pm (UTC)

Re: These two...

Thanks! That is so nice of you to say. And yeah, Hank has always been after Ed to watch BBM with him, but now Hank realizes he's not sure if he could watch it again either. He's hoping they can watch it together someday, 'cause it's such a great movie.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trekfan
2009-01-28 08:50 pm (UTC)
aw I am glad they went bowling. I haven't been bowling in a few years. btw, Heath was an expert in chess (from what I heard he was going for grandmaster status) He played at Washington Sq Park with the locals, he didn't want to be treated any differently

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-01-29 09:40 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed tagging along with them to the bowling alley. And thanks for letting us know about Heath. How amazing that he was an expert in chess as well! (Although I guess we shouldn't be surprised at all.) Hank can't remember where he read the wrong info and he never even thought to double-check it although he should have.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trekfan
2009-01-29 09:56 pm (UTC)
That's okay. I think thinking about Heath was a nice thing for them to do :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: bentgyro
2009-01-30 08:02 am (UTC)
These guys are still so funny! I haven't watched Brokeback in over a year, either. I hate bowling, too. I remember Wild Thing - I hung out with some boys who liked to sing the dirty version to me.
Thank you for this - cheered me up!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: myeyesaintblue
2009-02-02 06:34 pm (UTC)
So glad Ed and Hank's trip to the bowling alley cheered you up some. (Even though you hate bowling :-) ) And I believe Hank might have started singing his very own more explicit-like version of Wild Thing to Ed right after this post left off.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: samtyr
2009-03-10 06:18 pm (UTC)
This was so good. I loved their 'adventures' in bowling -- and a rematch, no less. (Though I'm kind of surprised that they didn't go and see 'Gran Torino'...) Thank you so much for sharing this.

PS. I'm sorry to be so late w/fb; it looks like I'm going to play catch-up.
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